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What are some examples of TALs lubricants being used in industrial operations and plant machinery?
Energy Sector – Drilling Operations:

TAL is private labeled by a Fortune 500 company for fracking operations. TALs Anti-Seize is extremely effective in preventing galling and seizing of pipes. Workers love it because it works very well and cleans off easily compared to copper base Anti-Seize. One ounce of Anti-Seize allows a pump to be placed over 5,000 feet down and recovered. Tals lubricant also enables an order of magnitude improvement in the speed of the process, thus eliminating a gating issue in the process and allowing for a significant improvement in drilling operations.

Industrial Sector – Machining:

Toyoda BM850 304L Stainless Steel machinery has a success requirement of Tool Life > 1 hole with a Cycle Time < 145 seconds per hole. TAL Lubricants paste 30 holes at 30 seconds per hole with no heat in the tap or part with a heat test conducted after 1 hole. TAL paste is reapplied for each hole with one 1 tap required per hole. Competitors' lubricants require five or more pecks to finish one hole.

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