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About TALs biolubricants

Eric M. Pettersen, Major USAF (Ret)

TAL lubricants was founded by a Eric M. Pettersen, Major United States Air Force (Ret). He has thirty years’ experience working with Biobased and unique petroleum products. He has a Master’s Degree of Science from Michigan State University. Mr. Pettersen is the inventor of the process that permits vegetable oil to achieve extreme lubricity, extraordinary heat transfer rates, while being impervious to bacteria growth and having extremely long life.

Jerry F. Stults

Jerry F. Stults is the Chief Chemist, and has over 40 years working with vegetable oils and their components to include lipids. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from the University of Ohio. He provides TAL with testing, technical support, prototype work and his outstanding expertise.

Matthew S. Pettersen

Matthew S. Pettersen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and a Master’s degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Florida. Matt has over a decade of experience working directly with Biobased products. Matthew has a Master’s of Science degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Florida. He was honored as a Fellow Weed Science Society of America’s for his work in biocontrol of weeds. He is the principal designer of variations of our Biobased oils such as Anti-Seize compounds, Pneumatic oils, greases.

Martin (Marty) Palmer

Martin (Marty) Palmer is a Master Machinist who designed and built TALs processing system using off the shelf materials. This process has improved output significantly while reducing complexity including improving the production on Tesla car parts using TAL greases.

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