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All of the end-user applications below will enable our partners to potentially price 30% below synthetic lubricants currently available from market leaders, while being significantly more environmentally friendly.
Aerosol applications (Food and General Purpose)
Wherever Dry Lube Applications exist
  • TAL is able to provide the lowest known VOC’s available in Aerosol (10 g/L)

  • Traditional  biolubricants are prone to microbial
    growth. TAL are not.

  • It functions as a lubricant, penetrant and cleaning solvent.

  • NSF International H 1 (Incidental Food Contact Permitted) rating for our                   Oil.

  • Presently used in institutional settings for cafeterias’, display cases, food processing equipment and has been extremely successful as a maintenance/janitorial lubricant. Performs as well as traditional petroleum lubricants in Aerosol form in performance while
    presenting no health or safety hazards.

  • TAL Is used actively in the Outdoor Recreational Market (Biking /Deep Sea Fishing). Global distribution through a Private Label Company. 



  • This lubricant is a non-Flammable, plant based formula that dries rapidly. It provides a long lasting film with high lubricity on surfaces covered.

  • Primarily used on sport/recreational equipment in the United States.

  • Gaining rapid acceptance and has a wide range of potential applications.

  • TAL has a significant cost advantage with this product and it’s the only one we know of that is Non Flammable and 96% Bio based per University of Georgia's Isotope Laboratory. There are some products in the market that are 100% Bio based but they use ethanol alcohol so are highly flammable. 

Pneumatic Applications
  • Extended Tool Life

  • 99.99% plant based lubrication which is enhanced by the fact that it cleans as it goes.

  • TAL oils superior lubricity and cleaning properties result in much longer tool and parts life. Works in small and large applications.

Anti-Seize Compound
  • Copper and Nickel are Anti-Seize compounds.

  • Extremely effective anti-galling properties in Zero clearance valve fittings

  • Currently being private labeled by a Large Corporation. All fracking operations are “down hole”.

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